Suddenly it happens !!

My closer acquaintances know my somewhat morbid passion for Star Wars, and especially collecting the toy line that came during my childhood. It all started a couple or three years ago when I suddenly found that my parents saved every toy from childhood, and I decided to take it home and maybe put it on any kind of display. Anyway, I started reading a lot on the internet and realized there was a huge interest in it here. Lots of preferably males, who still gathered and a lot to pathological levels and prices. It’s been very interesting to discuss old memories, learn something new and see other people’s collections. There are collectors who have matchless possession of things that have not been opened since the production in the late 70’s yet, and prices on it, you can certainly find out.

Anyway, I’ve had it a bit like a hobby to buy into larger collections and then carve it up and resell for a generally better price. During the summer I bought a carton which included this treasure.


A Millenium Falcon in 1979 and manufactured by Kenner as it should be. It was something the 10-year-old little blogger always wanted but never had to lay hands on so it was a bit of an almost religious experience to stay in the box. The feeling was soon over, because then it’s often things, the desire and ambition rarely met at the goal.


In the absence of diversions, I decided to devote a little time to clean the toy. Dusty and filthy passage of time. Something rattled inside and I decided to disassemble it and see what it was.


A piece of paper that come off a piece of dried tape.


At first I thought that this must be some kind of joke. Decided yet to show pictures and ask in one of the discussion groups where many avid collectors there. It was a reaction that I might not have expected direct and questions if I could think of selling both the toy box and the notes flowed into the messages. Apparently it’ll be something completely unique or as someone called it a ”holy grail” of any kind.

Since I now do not find myself with my collection at that level that a small piece of paper with a message is something I started going on so I have decided to sell it on the asking price basically what I have given. Should be exciting to see what the final price will be and if someone manages to find the back story to why this Derek during a night shift decided to write the text and tape it to the inside of a boy toy.

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